Low Cost Nursery School – Satmile Child Academy

Nursery education is very important for the development of young children before they enter formal school. It helps in cognitive development of children at the early grades of primary education and it has strong bearing on attendance and participation of children once they enter primary school.

Nursery education is considered to be very important for the child as it is the first step towards entering the world of knowledge as well as a healthy and purposeful life.

Nursery education helps children become more independent and confident as well as promoting the all round development of the children.

Childrens of Satmile Child Academy tend to learn more rapidly through an organised curriculum, learning aids and by interacting with other children.

The main purpose of Satmile Child Academy is to prepare children physically, emotionally, socially and mentally for formal schooling and to prevent poor performance and early drop out.

Availability of quality nursery education in Satmile Child Academy will promote inclusive education and meaningful access to school education by increasing enrolment and reducing the vulnerability of children to failure and drop out at later stages of education.