Zero Tillage Cultivation

The productivity and profitability (Rice /paddy main crop) is very poor and no other livelihood Opportunity is available. Many of the farmers want to improve/diversity their livelihood status but lacking economic (cash) resources and exposure.

Zero tillage Technology of Rice cultivation in the Coochbehar district proved to be superior over conventional technology. A net saving of Rs. 3200/- per acre was obtained in zero tillage over traditional method During the RABI season; Rice was taken up with the zero tillage cultivation after paddy harvest which saved him one irrigation and initial land preparation cost. Apart from this it also advanced the Rice showing to about 15 days which fetched him a bumper harvest of 30 Q at the third week of March. This saved his crop.

From terminal rise of temperature during March, where most of the normal rice cultivation failed due to poor grain filling, an income of Rs. 47000 was obtained from wheat zero tillage cultivation.

SATMILE SATISH CLUB “O” PATHAGAR encouraged farmers to incorporate the same technology in their Jute, Maize and Wheat cultivation to increase their yields and the results which are coming in are quite encouraging to boost other farmers to follow the same line.